Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Morning America is Hotter with Ashleigh Banfield

Now a couple of weekends in a row, this is Ashleigh Banfield hosting Good Morning American Weekend edition. Definitely a welcome treat, they should make her permanent, she's even hotter than Kate Snow was in my opinion. Lovin' the buttoned down shirt and tight skirt.

Ashleigh est magnifique,

Screencaps courtesy of DaveD of the Wide World of Women forum.


anonymous said...

Ashleigh was looking very hot and sexy this morning! In addition to her great body, and sexy legs. There just something about those glasses that really turns me on!

rootvg said...

Very attractive and equally bright. That speech she gave about network news and Fox ended her career at NBC but she doesn't seem to have suffered for it.

anonymous said...

Ashleigh is a perfect combo of beauty and intellignce. I love the button down top and tight skirt as well. Great combo of sexy, and professional.

blksabre said...

Naughty librarian look. I like it.

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