Monday, July 14, 2008

Alix Kendall is a Minnesota Hottie

From the Twin Cities in Minnesota, this is Alix Kendall of FOX9. She's average, if not just a little below if you ask me, but some of you out there think she's hot. She's got decent legs I guess.

Not bad,

Screencaps courtesy of the Alix Kendall website.


Anonymous said...

She's been here in the Twin Cities for several years. Looked much hotter a few years ago, but, in my opinion, she hasnt' aged well

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to put my hand up that short white skirt of hers.

Anonymous said...

Hey now that is rude, shes a pretty lady

Anonymous said...

Will she ever sell out to FIXED NEWs and start flashin' crotch like Gretchen Carlson???

Anonymous said...

She is not hot enough for a national news program. If I was casting, I'd put her on a program where she would suck the balls of any male guest of the show and tongue the asshole of any female guest as soon as she greeted them on set.

Shane said...

What a low class disrespectful scumbag. People that respect women and themselves don't make perverted comments like that (especially on a public forum). Grow up!

Very well done blog.

JasoRobi said...

SHe's a hottie! Great body, especially legs and rump, cute dimples and bedroom eyes. Some mornings she can look a little aged but I'll take it!

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