Friday, January 23, 2009

Andrea Jackson of CW is One Sexy Blonde

There might just be a reason to watch CW after all, this is blonde babe Andrea Jackson on their morning show Daily Buzz over the past couple of days. Some of y'all said she was F-A-T last post but all I see is 100% genuine prime. She matches up to just about anyone IMO.

"Dude, you always get to go first. Naw f-that man, I'm going first this time"

Screencaps courtesy of impala101 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Richard E. Thurfield Jr. said...

I like her hair. It reminds me of Dakota Fanning.

Anonymous said...

"Filling in for Andrea today, I'm Shannon Bream".

CumOverHere said...! What...a...gigantic-sized...WHORE this Andrea Jackson is! This bitch dresses and acts like she's for sale for two cents and wants men to use her as a professional cum dumpster! How many abortions has this slut actually had... I bet many for the way she dresses, she's surely had many cocks stuffed inside of her! Look at how salaciously she sits with legs crossed, making sure her skirt's hiked up just enough to signal an invite to fuck her until she can no longer sit for weeks! This salacity is ONLY around on liberal networks like CW, ones which have a diabolical social agenda to turn all the teenagers who watch said network into sluts as well (and future Democrat voters).

Most men would fantasize about Andrea this way:

Most men would immediately insert their index fingers into Andrea's cunt after having ferociously french-kissed her pussy and fondled it real good to the point where she was experiencing vaginal discharges like a machine gun going off. Then while still fingering her pussy, most men would simultaneously stick their hand into Andrea's mouth (not only to stop her from screaming) to exercise control--so important in bent sex--over her. After some time, most men would then finally ram their dicks into Andrea's pussy and start banging away at her like there's no tomorrow. They would bang her in a missionary position; bang her sideways; and also bang her doggystyle like all the nigs do in the ghettos. After this Andrea would experience more vaginal discharge, and most men would fantasize about collecting this in a huge cup and then drinking it much like you would a shot of Jack Daniels...yum! Not done with her yet, most men would also think of urinating all over Andrea's slutty face, just out of good measure. After this, they would also expect her to act like a good, little prostitute/expensive call girl by cleaning off a man's genital area for free, just to show she cared.

Good God! Can you believe this slut inspires such lewd thoughts in men! UNBELIEVABLE, but tha'ts because she carries herself like a, well, SLUT!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit !! Let me at her.

Anonymous said...

She's hot. I have had a thing for her for a while.

Anonymous said...

She has a smegma aroma

Anonymous said...

Time is starting to run out on her. She was super hot a few years back but she is starting to get in the danger zone. The face starting to give way....

S said...

i like women!

Anonymous said...

WTF those pictures are not there when you click the pictur some other woman shows up wtf

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