Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Up the Skirt From the View

I leave you today with a nice surprise in case you haven't already seen it. From a few days ago on the View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck flashin' the goods in the nice up the skirt shot. I think the guest there is Patricia Arquette.

Liz never disappoints,

Screencaps courtesy of blisbell at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Nice capture. She's been wearing some short outfits lately and looking good!

Anonymous said...

new meaning to "The View" love it...would poke that preggo

Anonymous said...

right wing nut case

Anonymous said...

This is a blog about how attractive the women are, NOT about their political views, right?

Anonymous said...

The ratio is about right, I think; one conservative to five liberals--including 99.999% of the guests (liberals=left-wing nut cases.) That's the only way liberals can win ANY argument---sheer numbers or sheer vocal volume.

Anonymous said...

Nice view. Do you have a better picture?


Anonymous said...

Their is a high quality photo of Elisabeth Hasselbeck on

All the women on that show don't make any fucking sense when talking about politics. Joy is a fat idiot who makes the Democrats look bad and Elisabeth is a screeching-cat who makes the republicans look bad. Women don't make any fucking sense with logic which is why their are very few of them running government and business

But, I like Whoopi since she was funny in Ghost.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning:

They recently put up a photo of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's huge tits when she was last pregnant. That other site just made my top five favorite blogs after this one.

Anonymous said...

She probably likes it in the ass

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the guest is?

Anonymous said...

I always thought that she
was hot as Hell,and I dont
care about her political views,
shes Gorgeous :)

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Anonymous said...

Is that Elizabeth's shaved slit visible through her panty-hose?

Anonymous said...

Good thing it's not Joy in that pose or you would be looking at her cock.

Anonymous said...

whoopi sucks Joy's cock

Anonymous said...

Id empty my balls all over her pantyhose after i have eaten her ass.

Anonymous said...

The only reason to ever look at this show for even one minute would be to catch a glimpse of Elizabeths pussy. I agree with the previous comment that Joy has a cock and I think Whoopi might too. The other snatch is so old no one wants to look at her anyway.

Anonymous said...

she must like spraeding her legs it seems like she always pregment

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's hair said...

well it is abetter view than the one that spills from her mouth!!

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