Sunday, February 15, 2009

News Babe Hottie of the Week, February Week 2

I think the first Hottie of the Week last week went pretty good, 70+ comments and over 800 votes. The winner was Patti Anne Browne and her ridiculously hot outfit on Red Eye. Robin Meade was a distant second with Courtney Friel, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Melissa Francis rounding out the list.

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As for this week (Sunday February 8 to Saturday February 14), we've got another great lineup of hotties to choose from. Again, I just picked five of the most talked about news babes from last week, Gretchen showed up twice so I picked the highest of the two.

You vote here. I will leave the voting open until next Sunday with which I will announce the winner:
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Here they are in order of appearance:

Ditched the Desk Bring Megyn Kelly Back,
Miss American Hotties including Gretchen Carlson on Huckabee,
Jennifer Westhoven's Hot Backside on CNN,
Martha MacCallum is Hot All Day on FOX News,
Alisyn Camerota's sexy leggage on FOX and Friends


Anonymous said...

None of the news women really stick out. None of them really look any hotter than the other.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Alisyn Camerota. That short mini-skirt and her sexy thighs are hot.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Alison. I can't stop staring at those silky thighs.

Anonymous said...

Why is Fox News biased towards Long Island/New Jersey talent? Thank God for Kimberly G. on Fox. Most of the other Fox chicks are B&T trash.

Anonymous said...

Voted for Alysin.

Every time I look at Megyn Kelly, i can't help but think of that picture where she looks like she just laid the stinkiest, smelliest fart ever. She can never be hot to me again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nobody sticks out this week. Perhaps if Patti Ann Browne was on this week.

Anonymous said...

Did this sexy dress worn by Patti Anne Browne not make the cut for this poll?

Or is it going to be in next week's poll?

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