Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sandra Smith Leggage on FBN this Past Week

From FBN this past week, a few pictures of news babe Sandra Smith and her sexy legs in short skirts. A bonus add with hottie Rebecca Diamond as well on Happy Hour in the second picture. I still think it would be hotter if Sandra went bare skin, but I know many of y'all prefer the hose.

Leggy blonde Sandra,

Screencaps courtesy of deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum and joeycap666 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

where can i find the clip from the bottom photo of sandra smith sitting durng Happy Hour? i can't find it on either reporter caps or Wide World of women.

HumanShieldLiberal said...

Note the immediate improvement on class when showing pictures of these FBN women. WOMEN, not whores like on all the other networks (lib ones like MSNBC, CNN, etc.). Look at how Sandra Smith—despite the fact she’s wearing red—is behaving like a real lady with her legs crossed! All the other networks’ news chicks sit with their legs WIDE OPEN, trying to show off as much clit, pussy and g-spot area as much as they can! That’s because unlike the Sandra Smith-showing Fox, all the other networks are lib networks, and, as such, their filthy whores that appear as news anchors really are very liberal in how they present themselves. I mean those trannies like CUNTessa Brewer, Christopher Jansing, Kevin Chetry, etc..

Even in the bottom photo, the porn star-named Rebecca Diamond presents herself like a classy lady you’d want to date and spend lots of money on WITHOUT—and this is key here, WITHOUT—the expectation of sex in return…so high is her class-factor. Rebecca sits with her legs crossed, refusing to show her bush until maybe the, you know, second or third date if at all! Even if she does wear red light district-boots that are used by hookers, they look like the girl-next-door’s hooker boots when Rebecca wears them…this is because she’s on the conservative-inclusive FBN, where the conservative message has obviously spread to affect the ladylike social values of these women anchors.

Only gay men (evil sodomites who want to redefine the nuclear family through their social engineering ways) would think dirty and impure thoughts about FBN’s Sandra and Rebecca. Real, heterosexual men (immediately excluding, I’m sad to say, some of the "men" posting on this site) would want to do nothing but read and write poetry for these classy girls, Sandra and Rebecca. They’d also want to give them complimentary back-and-foot rubs and cater to their every whim, whether said whim was to snuggle and cuddle in the fairy position called "spooning," or merely to have a conservation about "feelings," whatever that is.

The point is that Fox news anchors like Sandra and Rebecca inspire respect and almost goddess-like worship of women while the rank sluts called "anchors" on the liberal networks like CNN and CBS inspire nothing but the lowest kind of S&M, bondage-type of lewd fantasies…because they’re whores.

Anonymous said...

My friend above, you seriously need to see a doctor, to check your mental health.

Anonymous said...

I love the black hose on Sandra Smith. She is so hot. It would be great if she sold her nylons on eBay!!!

Anonymous said...

Id pay big money for her hose and soiled panties.

Anonymous said...

To answer the 1st person, joeycap has the link to the clip right in his post on www in the fox news babe cap section.

Anonymous said...

Best Women on Earth

1. Jenna Lee
2. Patti A. Brown
3. Sandra Smith

Smith is an underrated classic, who ran cross country (track) at LSU not long ago. I'd dump her for Jenna Lee, but thats about it.

Anonymous said...

I would lick Sandra's toes all the way up her legs suckle her sweet clit and bury my tongue in her luscious ass it would be so great.. even better if Julie Banderas was mounting me from behind and Megyn Kelly was sucking on me all at the same time mmmmm

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