Sunday, March 22, 2009

News Babe Hottie of the Week, March Week 3

In an extremely close battle in last week's Hottie of the Week poll, probably the closest one so far, Megyn Kelly edged Maria Menounos by just 9 votes out of 832. Wow, that was surprising because I did think that most people would've gone with Maria. Not surprisingly, Erin Burnett was last.

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As for this week (Sunday March 15 to Saturday March 22), I had to modify my rule a little bit and not include the Kardashians because 1) They aren't news babes and 2) The ratio of like/dislike was like 1:9. Nevertheless, there are some great contenders this week, some new entries, and also some familiar faces.

You vote here. I will leave the voting open until next Sunday with which I will announce the winner, Happy Voting:
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Here they are in order of appearance:

Tamron Hall was representin' MSNBC big time,
Semi see-through is en vogue, Jamie Colby shines,
Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly were a hot duo on O'Reilly,
Alisyn Camerota was sizzingly on The After the Show,
CNN cutie pie Brooke Baldwin,


Anonymous said...

have to vote for jamie wearimg that tight fitting sweater. would love to play with her titties.

Anonymous said...

Jamie looked better today!!

Anonymous said...


womensexcrement said...

Megyn Kelly looks more manly. Why are you so interested in a woman who looks more like a man the older she gets? Megyn Kelly may have been great in 1989 or 1999, but since 2005, her looks have just faded & she is becoming an old crone.

Lis Wiehl still has nice tits but her other parts are well not that great-old face. @least Lis Wiehl has had babies exit her vagina. Lis Wiehl does give birth to farts & shits which exit Lis Wiehl's anus.

Megyn Kelly has never had a baby exit her vagina. Megyn Kelly does give birth to farts & turds which exit Megyn Kelly's anus. Imagine both Megyn Kelly & Lis Wiehl sitting in toilet stalls next to eachother & having a farting & shitting contest. Do you think that Lis Wiehl or Megyn Kelly would win the farting & shitting contest?

Anonymous said...

"farts & turds" is great! he should post on every comments section on this site.

Anonymous said...

I would like to smell brooke baldwin and jamie colby's ass after they've taken a shit.

Anonymous said...

wish brooke baldwin would pee on me

Anonymous said...

Farts and turds are the fountain of youth. That is why eating as many bean burrito and chimichangas are critical to maintaining the fountain of farts and turds youth. The problem is sometimes that air pressure from the impending toot gets so great, if it is not realeased in a safe manner, all hell can break loose and the chick can blast off into space like the space shuttle. So, do be careful.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Bruce also farts & shits out of Tammy Bruce's anus. Tammy Bruce is a lesbian who is approaching menopause. While Tammy Bruce is right on the harms of sex change maimings, Tammy Bruce is a lesbian who has sex with other women. They must abolish sex changes. @least Tammy Bruce is not like other lesbians & she has decried the ideology of sexualizing children.

Tammy Bruce has downplayed the gravity of domestic violence when women commit it & there are violent women. Why can't Tammy Bruce discuss these deeds of domestic violence? Tammy Bruce has never given birth to babies, but Tammy Bruce has given birth to farts & turds which have exited Tammy Bruce's anus.

pulltab said...

Actually I have it on good authority that Tammy Bruce actually faarts and shiits out of kd lang's aanus, due to an ongoing lesbian/business relationship.

Now whose anus did Mr. faarts and tuurds are the fountain of youth exit from?

Loving Liis Wiehl in all possible ways, yrs truly,

Anonymous said...

Wow... this thread was better last week when Jenna Lee captured the penises of so many of us.

Now... its just creepy.

Colby. unrated hot piece of ass.

Anonymous said...

Kiran is on twitter and here's the address:

Keep it honest and no locker room talk (that means YOU farts and turds guy) and I'm sure she'll be glad to reply!

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