Friday, November 23, 2007

Robin Meade, Best Cleavage in News?

Overall Hotness: 8/10
Face: 7/10
Body: 9/10
Legs: 8/10
Personality: 8/10

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Based on the number of "Robin Meade is freakin hot" sites out there and postings on message boards, its safe to say she is one of the most popular news babes out there. Jay Mohr says she should be in adult videos. Robin is definitely hot, probably has the finest rack out of all the news babes out there. Robin has been a fixture on CNN Headline news and runs a daily morning show, "Morning Express with Robin Meade".

Robin's got a weird kind of way about her face, kinda like Angelina Jolie. Her eyes aren't symmetrical with her left eye kind of smaller and slanted than the right. She also has high cheekbones which is good for man, but not really for a woman. But she's still hot. Her boobs are the best I've ever seen. They make me want to climb into the TV and cup them, they are simply delish, not too big either, just the right size. Some say she has fantastic legs, and I would agree to some extent, but she usually wears a stocking so it's tough to tell what the skin tone and smoothness look like under them.

Couple of things that also bug me are that she wears too much lipstick, and those over the top large ass necklaces. Good if you are in the adult film business, not so good for a news babe. But her breasts overrule all of that, they are divine.

Her biography from CNN was too long, so here is what the almighty wikipedia says:

Robin Michele Meade (born April 21, 1969) is the lead news anchor for CNN Headline News' morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade.


The daughter of a minister and part-Native American, Meade grew up in New London, Ohio and graduated from New London High School. She attended Ashland University and Malone College in Ohio. In 1992, she became Miss Ohio and was a top ten finalist in the Miss America pageant.


Meade began her career in broadcasting as a reporter at WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio. She then worked as an anchor and reporter at WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, and at WJW-TV in Cleveland. Later, she got a job as the morning news anchor of WSVN-TV's Today in Florida in Miami. She also served as the station's noon anchor and health reporter.

She went on to work at NBC Chicago affiliate WMAQ-TV where she started anchoring the morning newscasts and then co-anchored the weekend newscasts and also served as a general assignment correspondent for the station. During her tenure with the NBC affiliate, she covered the 1996 Olympics, which included special reporting on the Centennial Olympic Park bombing.

She then entered CNN, where she works now. Among many other stories, Meade anchored the network's coverage of Operation Enduring Freedom as well as that from Operation Iraqi Freedom in spring of 2003. She is based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta.

Meade currently hosts Morning Express with Robin Meade on CNN Headline News every morning, along with Richard Lui, Bob Van Dillen and Jennifer Westhoven.

These are a couple of youtube videos with Robin in them, the first one shows her nice rack,

This one shows her legs

Here are some great pictures of Robin showing her bodacious cleavage,
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Anonymous said...

Second time I've seen you mention cleavage when there is no skin showing. No doubt that Robin's rack is fantastic but there is NO cleavage there.

Anchor Man said...

I guess technically you're right. But boobs are boobs...

Anonymous said...

Your correct she has a great rack! They are great to wake up to in the morning. I can't find anything on her(photos)when she was Miss Ohio in 1993. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I mean, seriously, I don't think Robin Meade is the hottest woman in the world or anything, but is there a place on earth where her face is only a 7? I want to visit this place where 30% of the women have prettier faces than she does...or is that only compared to anchors?

Who has your highest ratings?

Anonymous said...

Michelle Caruso Cabrera on CNBC packs a pair of double D's that make Robin look flat chested.

Anonymous said...

Yep - Michelle C-C's naturals make Robin's implants look itty bitty. But those aren't double Ds she's packing. Those are at least a couple of cup sizes beyond that, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade looks like a TRANNY! She has a man face and needs a whole team of people to spend an hour pasting a TON of makeup on her every morning so she can desperately try and look young and hot on tv. But she looks awful! Everytime I see her she looks more and more fake and disgusting. Yeah, she has big boobs... FAKE BOOBS! And she also has that rough deep manly sounding voice. mmm... yeah that's sexy. GROSS!

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