Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrating July 4th with a Hot Kelly Ripa

From yesterday's Regis and Kelly show, well in this case Bryant and Kelly, Kelly Ripa rockin' it out in a hot skirt as always, and a nice bonus July 4th segment with her bending down. I like John Leguizamo's body language, he's like "I'm ready right here." Not so sure about Bryant Gumbel though, he's got the eurofag shoes with no socks and looks like he wants to get busy with John.

Kelly is bangin',

Screencaps courtesy of centricguy at the Wide World of Women forum.


BigD said...

I know a lot of you don't like Kelly for having no chest, but I imagine she would MORE than make up for it with enthusiasm!

Dick Rockhard said...

Ripa is a trashy slut and always has been. NO CLASS whatsoever.

Dark The Man Duke said...

It isn't just that she has no chest, it's the fact that Ripa is more ripped than Triple H. She's way too muscular and veiny, just look at her legs UGH!

BigD said...

But I would imagine once those legs are around your waist and her ankles lock behind you, she's on board for the WHOLE ride no matter how long it takes.
To each his/her own...
Any chance the anonymous posting could be reinstated. Seems like it didn't keep out the personal feud between certain posters or the "farts and turds" guys.
I mean...when Contessa gets only one or two comments? Something is wrong! Thanks!

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