Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today Show Hosts on USA Today Cover

Via TVNewser, Hota Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford will be on the cover of USA Today's Weekend Magazine. What's next, playboy??



Anonymous said...

"YUCK" 2 losers who should only be on the cover of American Dog.

Anonymous said...

For two women in their forties and fifties, these are two hot, sexy MILFS. I'd love to get both of these bitches naked and covered with oil and spend an entire day slipping and sliding all over both of them. I'd love to have Hoda help out as I fuck Kathie Lee into a coma. She could stick her head between our legs and lick my balls and Kathie Lee's cunt while we fucked.

Anonymous said...

I think that Kathie Lee lusts after Hoda Kotb in a big way. I think that she would love to take Hoda home with her so that she and Frank could get her drunk and strip her completely naked and then spend all night having their dirty way with her. While Frank held Hoda by her ankles and fucked her brains out, Kathie Lee could squat over Hoda's face (naked) and make Hoda lick and eat her dripping wet pussy. Sometimes, judging by the way Hoda and Kathie Lee are smiling on a typical Monday morning, I wonder if the three of them haven't already done that.

loverboy said...

Kathie is a horny babe lately.She
make my dick hard. love to fuck
kathie good and hard. Hota I love to fuck her too.

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