Saturday, April 25, 2009

CNBC Hottie Trish Regan on Today Show

The Weekend edition of the Today Show is always hotter when CNBC news babe Trish Regan shows up, short skirt and sexy heels and all. I love her eyes and hair as well, just a bangin' babe all around. Some of y'all think she's on the heavy side, but I say she's got curves in all the right places.

Trish is hot all week,

Screencaps courtesy of Sabrina at the Reporter Caps forum and modelhunter at the Wide World of Women forum.

S.E. Cupp Feeling Chilly on FOX News

This is from earlier last week, but we can't pass up this chance to post on Republican hottie S.E. Cupp feelin' a little chilly in studio evidently (or maybe just the lining of her bra). A little too much makeup, but still too hot to resist.

S.E. looking likable,

Screencaps courtesy of figment at the Wide World of Women forum.

Nicole Manske is a NASCAR News Babe on ESPN

I'm not really a big NASCAR fan myself, but my buddies are and they keep telling me how hot Nicole Manske is. I guess you can call her the Erin Andrews of ESPN NASCAR reporting. Sometimes she's blonde, sometimes she's brunette, but she's definitely always hot.

Nicole is a NASCAR hottie,

Screencaps courtesy of rocky741 at the Wide World of Women forum and Sideline Hotties.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brooke Shields and Jennifer Lopez are Hot Guests on Regis & Kelly

From a couple of days ago on the Regis & Kelly show, hot leggy guests Brooke Shields and Jennifer Lopez. Damn, I can't decide who is hotter. If we judged solely on backsides, JLo would win hands down, but it's about a tie here. Kelly Ripa is looking pretty hot too, but I'm not a fan of those heels, bad choice of color.

Brooke and JLo turn it up,

Screencaps courtesy of centricguy at the Wide World of Women forum.

Lisa Mateo is a Hot News Babe on PIX11

From the PIX Morning News in New York City yesterday, this is traffic news babe Lisa Mateo struttin' her stuff showing off her backside, no VPL there, must be going commando or g string. Kind of a busted face, but still bangin'...

Twirl, then freeze,

Screencaps courtesy of centricguy at the Wide World of Women forum.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Fine Body of Work by Contessa Brewer on MSNBC

It's getting harder and harder but once in a while our favorite CNBC hottie Contessa Brewer breaks out a hot skirt and heels. There's something about that behind the desk camera angle, I'm just waiting for one day to see a dirty old man under there or something. Tessa's looking hot as usual. I know how y'all love to talk about her, so commentors go crazy...

Thank you Contessa for makin' my day,

Screencaps courtesy of shad0w at the Wide World of Women forum.

Samatha Harris is a Hot Co-Host on The Insider

Recently joining the show The Insider on CBS as a co-host, this is Samantha Harris, the Dancing with the Stars chick. Damn, she's got a tight body, probably slightly hotter than Lara Spencer but only because Lara is getting older. Samantha's interviewing Marcia Clark here, who has aged very well I might say.

I'd love to get "Insideher"

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hot Lara Logan Interview with Politico

Our favorite embedded journalist (literally and figuratively) Lara Logan of CBS talking about motherhood, Washington DC, living like a bushman, etc... for a Politico feature. I bet the cameraman had a good time filming this one with Lara showing plenty of skin in a low cut top. I love the accent too, enjoy...

Via TVNewser

Evelyn Taft is a San Francisco Weather Hottie

More local flava for ya, this hot blonde and weather babe Evelyn Taft from San Francisco's KRON. Nice busty rack, but if you click on the picture and look closely down there, is it just me or is that a "two-button mouse", aka CT? Anyways, she's KRON's hottest, hotter than Darya Folsom in my books.

The weather is always hot with Evelyn,

Screencaps courtesy of figment at the Wide World of Women forum.

Rachel Lutzker is a Busty Hot Traffic Reporter

Traffic never looked this good. From Hartford, CT, this is Rachel Lutzker showing off her mega-mammoths. Hot damn, what did her mother feed her as a child, they are ginormous, my goodness. Imagine seeing her on the treadmill at the gym, bounce baby bounce baby bounce.

Rachel is egregiously busty,

Screencaps courtesy of yogafrog at the Reporter Caps forum.

Ziya Tong is a Hot Host on Daily Planet

On Canadian TV, this is the new permanent host for the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, Ziya Tong in a nice short skirt. They need to get rid of that desk though, and show off Ziya's sexy legs. She's definitely got the hot ethnic look going on, I guess that's really popular these days.

Ziya is a hot catch,

Screencaps courtesy of zebrafish75 at the Wide World of Women forum.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CNN Hottie Robin Meade on Her Birthday

I've gradually drifted away from being a big fan of hers, but since it is her birthday why not. CNN Headline news babe Robin Meade turns the big 4-0 today, and she's still bangin' as always with the golden stems and busty chest. Watch out Atlanta, she's about to hit da club tonight:

Go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gonna party like it's yo birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a damn
It's not your birthday!
Robin is a one of a kind of woman,

Screencaps courtesy of HSF at the Wide World of Women forum.

CNBC Street Sweetie Erin Burnett in Dubai

Airing yesterday, CNBC street sweetie Erin Burnett in a special feature on Dubai called "City of Money and Mystery." It definitely looked like Erin was at home there, she probably got to swim in money too. I'm surprised they didn't make her cover herself head to toe though.

Erin's tight body,
She's a gold digger, heartbreaker, love taker,
An uncanny resemblance, I can't decide who's hotter,

Screencaps courtesy of arioch1066 at the Wide World of Women forum.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Hot Weekend with Jamie Colby on FOX News

Hot FOX blonde Jamie Colby was all over FOX News on the weekend and looking absolutely killer. I love the angle on the camera shot in the second picture below, if you click on the picture you can see how shiny Jamie's legs are. I bet they spray some extra shine during the commercial break.

Jamie is one gorgeous blonde,

Screencaps courtesy of deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum.

Staring at Kate Snow's Sexy Legs

Usually, when guys sit next too or see a hot chick, they look and look away. It's not a good thing to be caught staring. Here, the guy mind as well be drooling, watching Kate Snow's sexy legs in a short skirt on yesterday's Good Morning America.

Hmm, if I bend over, I bet I can see all the way up,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 at the Wide World of Women forum.

Welcome to Cougarland with Katie Couric

According to the NY Post, CBS primetime news babe Katie Couric is one of New York City's top 10 cougars on the prowl:

It's a jungle out there. And a certain breed of Manhattan woman is loving every minute of it.

Don't lust for Katie, she'll lust for you,

Credit Tip: Red Eye of Reporter Caps; Screencaps courtesy of mjw and century at the Reporter Caps forum.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

News Babe Hottie of the Week, April Week 3

A decent voting turnout for last week's Hottie of the Week poll. Patti Anne Browne's facebook pics won out by a large margin. The race to second, third, fourth and fifth was the tightest ever; Kiran Chetry, Dagmar Midcap, Gretchen Carlson and Alexis Glick tied, all were within 20 votes of each other, pretty crazy...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As for this week (Sunday April 12 to Saturday April 18), a familiar hottie along with several fresh faces. Jenna Lee looking to capture her first hottie of the week after a couple of showings, followed up by new faces in Jill Dobson, Heather Tesch, Ann Coulter and Kirsten Powers round out the list as guests on Geraldo.

You vote here. I will leave the voting open until next Sunday with which I will announce the winner, Happy Voting:
Vovici Online Survey Software

Here they are in order of appearance:
Blonde on blonde, Ann Coulter vs Kirsten Powers,
As good as Heather Tesch has ever looked,
Can Jenna Lee breakthrough and win this week?
RedEye lit up with Jill Dobson,
Deirdre Bolton (right) with Betty Liu light up Bloomberg TV,

Alisyn Camerota Sexy Dance Grooves on FOX and Friends

From FOX and Friends Weekend edition yesterday, FOX news babe Alisyn Camerota bustin' out her dance grooves. She sure knows how to shake it, must've been a really hot coed back in the day.

Do a little dance, make a little love
Get down tonight, get down tonight.
Alisyn is such a tease,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 at the Wide World of Women forum.

A Sexy Giada De Laurentiis Update From Everyday Italian

From her show "Everyday Italian" on the Food Network, this is a certified fresh look at Giada De Laurentiis and her beautiful fruit melons. My goodness, those Giadas look ripe and ready for action.

Watching a hot Giada,

Screencaps courtesy of modelhunter at the Wide World of Women forum.

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