Friday, January 30, 2009

Liz Claman in a Very Short Skirt on FBN

More great short skirts from FOX, this time from Liz Claman on FBN. Too bad she stuck with the boots, it would've been way hotter if she just went with the CFM heels. I think the guy she's interviewing is about to have a heart attack, he's got a fixation on Liz, or maybe it was the shiny yellow.

It's not too late to have all of this,

Screencaps courtesy of deadzone at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

I'd split her cheeks from behind and let those cow udders hang down. I would show her cow tits a bull market! Niiiiiice!

Anonymous said...

She is sooo hot. Would love her on top.

Anonymous said...

These news whores should start doing hardcore porn

Anonymous said...

Previous guy is a fagget who is a drama queen. She is not dressed all that hot. Nice legs though

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