Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sexy Mary Calvi in All Black

Some hot pictures of Mary Calvi from CBS in New York. It would've been hotter if Mary wore heels, but she's still got it goin' on. I love her hair too, I bet it takes forever to get it to flow that way, I know my gf spends hours.

Mary, Mary quite contrary,

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

mary look like she trying show under her skirt

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk, another liberal whore working for a liberal, anti-Bush, Obama-fellating network, another liberal whore who looks like a trashy piece of ass with no class. Since women are for the most part responsible for how men treat them--via the way they dress and present themselves (whether they flirt or not, etc.)--I can honestly state that Mary Calvi brings out the lusting lecher in most men who would want to have sex with her for nothing more than personal pleasure, and certainly not show interest in Calvi because of her personality or anything else.

In fact...I'm betting that most men would have this kind of sexual fantasy about Calvi:

Mary Calvi is up late at night when her sink all of a sudden starts flooding; so, she calls a plumber. Said plumber comes over, yet when he gets there, he finds Calvi (because she's a butch-like slut mainly because she works for a liberal network in CBS [which tried to steal GW Bush's reelection in 04 with all the fake National Guard records Rather produced]--masturbating with a 12-inch vibrator, her legs so wide apart and in the air that you could drive an eighteen-wheeler between them. The plumber, at first, tries to remain professional and ignores her, but to no avail. Soon, he's all over her, fisting her, licking her, reaming her, fondling her, etc.. First, the plumber takes out his trusty plunger and--turning the tables on Calvi--starts stimulating her cunt with it to the point where Calvi is screaming at the top of her lungs in sheer delight, her face contorted in ecstasy and pain all at once. Next, he takes his whole fist and--in a classic STINKFIST maneuver--proceeds to stick his whole fist into Calvi's anus, stretching it as far as it can go until he's elbow deep inside her anus. Keeping his fist in Calvi's anus, said plumber then takes his dick and gets inside of Calvi, which produces a massive orgasm for Calvi, who, it must be said, never would have experienced such pain/pleasure due to the fact that all her lovers have been liberal girlie-men fucks with no clue about how to sexually please girls. In conclusion, the plumber leaves after having had his way with Calvi, leaving her a payment of $5 for her "services!"

Of course, in my hypothetical fantasy, most men would imagine themselves as the plumber.

Anonymous said...

This woman is sex apeal but, with class. Fox or CNN should pick her up soon.

Anonymous said...

she is marryed to some one in the new york sen. and has three kids

Anonymous said...

Saw just today a few nice photos of Mary Calvi at esnips

Unknown said...

Mary is as good in bed as she is on the screen. When they named it the boob tube, they were naming it after Mary. I was in an English class with her in college and I showed interest in her and she was flirting with me. Before long, she was in my dorm room giving me the best fellatio a man could ever experience, all the while she was giving me a prostate message. Needless to say, at 21. I had the orgasm of a lifetime, and I dropped a load about 4 tablespoons. And then to my disbelief, Mary had all that cum all over her lips and mouth and swallowed every drop! Then she put some in her anus as a lubricant, and had me perform anal intercourse on her. Thanks, sweetie, you spoiled me for the rest of the women I ever had. Boy, were you good.

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