Thursday, March 5, 2009

Watching Heather Nauert's Chest on FOX5

It's more of a leg day today, but we'll start off with a nice shot of Heather Nauert on FOX5 in NYC with the sweet knockers. The guy next to her is probably looking at the computer screen, but I bet he snuck in a peek to be sure.

They're real and they're spectacular,

Screencaps courtesy of slashasterisk at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Guy on left: "Heather, I think I see a couple of 'warm fronts' developing right now."

Anonymous said...

love to tittie fuck her and cum all over her

Anonymous said...

Heather Nauert is jailbait. No, not because of her age. Under statutary law it is illegal to have sex with the mentally retarded. They don't posess the capacity to give consent.

Anonymous said...

even the girls on the short bus need to get some dick.

Anonymous said...

She is my favored reporter, I watch her every morning. I also fuck her tits and cum all over her face before I got off my bed. Yummy ;)

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