Friday, July 10, 2009

A Hot Ainsley Earhardt on the Cover of Grand Strand Magazine

Ainsley Earhardt has been on fire lately. She was outstanding during the Fourth of July weekend coverage for FOX News. This is Ainsley looking hot on the cover of a local SC magazine "GS Magazine" for this month. Not surprising that she's a dog gal too.

Ainsley makes the cover,
Talkin' with her sisters at the Alpha Delta Pi convention in Orlando last month,

Screencaps courtesy of sparty at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Anchor Man,

Thanks for keeping up in posting all the hot photos. Ainsley Earhadt has one hell of a body.

In the spirit of summertime I just put up photos of
Katie Couric,
Kelly Ripa,
Samantha Brown and
Nancy O'dell ALL IN

Let's have a friendly competition and see if you can one up me. :)

Dark Duke (the real one without "the man" in the name)

BigD said...

Very pretty. Nice boob job. Wonderful smile...

Dark The Man Duke said...

Someone is trolling. Anchorman one ups you every day, fool. For one, he actually posts every day unlike your lazy ass. Two, he gave credit to the original screencappers right from the get-go and didn't try to take credit for the work, unlike you. Three, he doesn't spam his site everywhere in the spirit of self-promotion. Four, he isn't a lying sociopath like you. I'd say he's got you pretty beat loser.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

7:27 AM,

You are such an obsessive compulsive aren't you SHADOW. You just gave yourself away again with saying "he gave credit to the original screencappers right from the get-go and didn't try to take credit for the work, unlike you." A that says you are a screencaper and B there is only one douche screencaper who ever went off on that which is you. All the other screencapers are good guys and gals. Then you created a fake gay website. You are such a loser who is a racist, trashes your fellow screencapers and homophobe.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Obsessive? Says the guy who waits by his computer screen, constantly refreshing his browser, just waiting, waiting for me to make a post ripping you apart so you think you're actually getting some love from The Screencapper: Shadow. I'd say you have a borderline fatal attraction with Shadow. Hey Shadow, some advice: cover your ass, I think "Dark Duke" may be eyeing it up, if you know what I mean ;)

No, "Dark Duke", I didn't give myself away because I am not The Screencapper: Shadow nor do I wish to be. You on the other hand have given yourself away as being a full-blown retard. How come in every thread you post it takes you a few tries to get your post right? All these deleted comments....*tsk* *tsk* "Dark Duke", it may be time to go back to kindergarten and learn your A B C's. Dumb fag.

Rip Yrdikoff said...

Why do all the FNC gals have to have little yip dogs???

BigD said...

Rip, it reminds them of how they got their jobs...
1. On all fours
2. Showing a little fur
3. High pitched yelping when slapped on the ass or getting drilled from behind

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