Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Hot Ainsley Earhardt Hosting America's Newsroom

From America's Newsroom yesterday, this is FOX News babe Ainsley Earhardt with the slight peek at her leggage. If anyone should do a Crest commercial, it's Ainsley, just look at those chicklets, they are damn near perfect, like the rest of her face and body as well. Enjoy...

Ainsley is such a doll,

Screencaps courtesy of spinner at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


StewartIII said...

Ainsley is so cute, puppies send her hate mail!

Anonymous said...

She's gotta smokin' hot lil body!!!!

anonymous said...

Ainsley is very sexy. I just wish we could see more of her lovely legs!

misterright1313 said...

Everytime I see her, I ask myself is she the hottest on Fox? I believe it to be Courtney but she makes me question that,\. Very hot.

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