Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOX Hotties at the NLGJA Benefit in NYC

From the 15th Annual NLGJA Headlines & Headliners benefit last night in New York City, we've got FOX hotties (left to right) Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jamie Colby, and Megyn Kelly striking a pose for the camera. I'd have to say that Megyn looks the best out of this trio on this night, my goodness she looks hot.

A trio of FOX hotness,

Photo by Darren Gantt. Credit tip to sparty at the TvNewsCaps forum.


StewartIII said...

They put the "FOX" in FOX News!

Unknown said...

They let it slip out this morning that Jaime's pregnant.

BLM said...

Are you serious? What did they say?

anonymous said...

All three look hot to me!!

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