Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Hot Lauren Thompson Hosting Top Ten on the Golf Channel

From the last couple of days on the Golf Channel, this is sports reporter babe Lauren Thompson hosting Top Ten. I'd have to say that the Golf Channel has been beefing up their lineup of hotties over the past couple of years, and Lauren is one sweet addition. They'll be ready to ratchet it up next week for all the Tiger coverage at the Masters.

Lauren in a sweet satin dress,

Screencaps courtesy of TheChairman at The Gorgeous Newswomen Network blog.


Thechairman said...

I would rate the addition of Win McMurry as being more significant in the sense of the Golf Channel trying to showcase more female talent than Ms. Thompson. Lauren was clearly hired for her looks and not her golf ability or experience which apparently is zero. Golf Channel has obviously had female talent before (and now), but much like ESPN in its earlier days, the women seemed to be more ex-jocks and felt that they had to compete or at least hang with the men. That meant not glamming it up or dressing sexy. Inga Hammond and Kelly Tilghman are nothing to sneeze at, but they definitely fall into the older camp. They're pushed as being real golf people, and not as being objects of attraction.

Jonny said...

Win is definitely a nice addition to the Golf Channel. I wish there were more like her. Wonder what happened to Stephanie Sparks, she used to do those "Lessons With the Pros" show.

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