Monday, April 19, 2010

A Hot Leggy Juliet Huddy on the FOX Report

Filling in on the FOX Report, this is a hot and leggy Juliet Huddy on the weekend. I'm really diggin' the top of her dress, how it crosses over her chest and sucks in her waist, really accentuates her curves. Her legs are outstanding as usual.

Juliet completes my day,

Screencaps courtesy of cody of the Wide World of Women forum.


anonymous said...

It always great to see Juliet and her sexy legs! Hope to see her again soon in a regular gig!

StewartIII said...

I would love to be her Romeo!

Sam said...

I dunno....Huddy just doesn't do it for me. There's something unusual about her face. Without the blonde hair and make-up she probably wouldnt be that attractive. Her legs look really skinny too.

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