Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Hot Leggy Olivia Munn on Jimmy Fallon

From Friday night, this is techie news babe Olivia Munn on the Jimmy Fallon show looking absolutely stunning in that tiny skirt and hot heels. Doesn't she just have the perfect skin tone, my goodness those legs are so damn hot. Bonus add with Olivia bustin' out a move in the last pic.

Olivia is stunning,

Picture courtesy of Terrier at the SuperiorPics forum.


Da Curly Wolf said...

Geez folks. you want more Olivia? Get G4TVfrom your satellite or cable provider,[IIRC it also runs on G4TV live streaming] and watch Attack of the Show, monday thru friday. At 6pm central. She wears stuff like this a couple days a week on average. sometimes all 5 days.

Unknown said...

I love Olivia and I'm not complaining but does she ever not wear 5 inch heels

Marc B said...

Olivia Munn is gorgeous as always and is so much funn, and Jimmy Fallon looks like her high school guidance counselor.

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