Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Hot Gerri Willis and Jenna Lee on FBN

Not exactly sure when this was taken, but it must be recent enough that we have news babes Gerri Willis on the right and Jenna Lee on the left (not sure who the brunette is in the middle) on FOX Business. Definitely diggin' the all female high noon.

Jenna and Gerri are hot,

Screencaps courtesy of TheChairman and sparty at the TvNewsCaps forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Ahhh so nice to see Jenna's legs again. There is so little Jenna air-time at FBN these days it is a shame as she has such a great personality, is spot-on smart and is absolutely beautiful.

The brunette in the middle is Kelly Evans - she works for Wall Street Journal online ( and does some WSJ Minute news briefs on Fox News - she is also on Red Eye about once a month.

I miss my favorite Cheryl Casone in this picture, after all high noon belongs to Cheryl - however the only "fill-in" I like to see when Cheryl is off is Jenna Lee.

Hey, lots of changes coming at Fox Business if you don't already know. HAPPY HOUR was cancelled - will Rebecca D be forced back into the street corners of NYC ???

StewartIII said...

Hot, hot, hot!
The brunette is Kelly Evans, she works for the Wall Street Journal.

gouguet45 said...

Nice legs, and at least that awful banner isn't in the way.

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