Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Catty Ladies of CNBC

From TVNewser yesterday, they reposted parts of an interview that CNBC news babe Trish Regan gave to a couple of bloggers asking her questions about being a m'i,l-f. I like how they worded it to, "It's ... it's an acronym ... it stands for Mother I'd Like to ... synonym for word which means to have relations with. It's a compliment."

In response to the question: "How do you feel you measured up next to Mandy [Drury, a CNBC Asia anchor who recently filled in on CNBC/U.S.] and her assets?" Trish said, "I think I held my own."

Wow, sounds like a cat fight to me. And there's more from the ladies of CNBC. Talking about Amanda Drury's wickedly hot fill-in, here's what Melissa Lee of the CNBC reportedly wrote in an email after returning from mat leave:

Subject: I'm back!

Hope I can fill Mandy's... shoes!
And I bet she was talking about more than just shoes.


Anonymous said...

I'd take Trish. Hands. Down.

rootvg said...

Missy Francis seems to get better and better.

Thechairman said...

I think that the CNBCers have some reason to be a little suspect or fearful of Amanda. She's a bit of an outsider and they're wondering what that's all about. This on top of some home-grown talent leaving for other networks. They have to be wondering in what direction the brass are taking the network.

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