Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiran Chetry Interviews a Hot Barbara Bush

From yesterday's American Morning, this is CNN news babe Kiran Chetry interviewing a leggy hot Barbara Bush (not the old one, but W's daughter). In my opinion, Barb is by far the hotter of the twins, Jenna is more wild and crazy, but Barb has the curves and prettier face. She reminds me of Kate Beckinsale.

A leggy Kiran in a hot blue dress,

Screencaps courtesy of spinner at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Unknown said...

Both are looking good like the young Barbara kiran you still got it. Ftb.

Black Knight said...

Barbara Bush is the hottest President's daughter ever!!! Smoking!!!1

anonymous said...

Barbara is smoking hot!!

Raoul said...

Barbara's peachy-creamy. Gotta love those legs!

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