Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Hot Leggy Bianna Goldryga on Good Morning America

I have to admit, I still miss Kate Snow on the weekends on ABC's Good Morning America, but I am warming up to Bianna Goldryga, the one time Maria Bartiromo protoge. In any case, here is Bianna in a nice short skirt on the couch, bonus add with a hot Marysol Castro to the right as well. Enjoy what's left of the weekend...

Bianna is talkin' the language of love,

Screencaps courtesy of LJ-6 at the TvNewsCaps forum.


dusti said...

Nice shot.

Thechairman said...

I myself am also starting to mis Kate but probably not for the same reasons as you. In fact, when I read that she was leaving, I was one of the first in line to hold the door open for her and then let it hit her in her pale skinny ass. OK, maybe the only one but you get my point. But compared to Bianna, Kate might as well have been a Fox babe, and from what I had seen from Bianna up to that point, I would never have thought it. But the combination of Bianna getting engaged and her getting the GMA job has conspired to turn her into a dark haired version of Kate. In fact I think Kate has better legs than Bianna and her chemistry with Bill Weir is much better. Bianna just seems way too cold. Maybe it's cultural bias because I tend to view Russians and Eastern Europeans as cold but she just seems that way. She's crossing her arms all the time and anyone who knows body language knows what crossed arms mean. But look at Kate. She's frickin' disappeared. Aside from two appearances on the Nightly News, has anyone seen her anywhere? Talk about disappearing faster than BP's stock price.

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