Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lynn Berry a Hot Fill in on MSNBC

From the other day on MSNBC, this is Lynn Berry filling in on the weekends. I've enjoyed her presence on the NBC Today Show filling in and here too, and I bet it won't be long before she makes it big time. I like that she's got some nice curves on her too, not too skinny.

Lynn is a nice treat on the weekends,

Screencaps courtesy of sugarbritches at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Unknown said...

I have liked her for a while now but she has a long line of hot chicks in front of her. when they kick those old farts off today, erin burnette is in line, tamron hall too, maybe savannah. lynn will get her own msnbc slot at least when that happens. if they made today show all women, tamron and erin(ebony & ivory!) with savannah reading news breaks I would buy a dvr just for today show

travis said...

I had not paid that much attention to Lynn Berry but she has some very nice legs. Here are some caps

Will be keeping a close eye on this babe for sure

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