Monday, August 2, 2010

A Hot Jacqui Jeras on CNN over the Weekend

From yesterday over the weekend, this is CNN weather babe Jacqui Jeras in the yellow and Randi Kaye in the red discussing when women peak. It says 31 on the banner, but I bet Jacqui has gone way longer than that, she's got it all goin' on and goin' strong.

Jacqui and Randi are a hot duo,

Screencaps courtesy of DaveD of the Wide World of Women forum.


Gams Guru said...

JJ has really kicked it up a notch the past several months.

She has finally liberated her beautiful legs from those hideous pant suits she has worn for so long.

Wonder what her contract status is w/CNN?
The grape vine sez' that Roger Ailes is on the prowl to replace Dominica Davis, and we know he has a penchant for hot leggy blonds.

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