Monday, November 26, 2007

Erica Hill and Campbell Brown on Wednesday Night

Two Reasons to watch the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN Wednesday night 8pm (EST). First will be to catch Erica Hill, the nerdy but hot CNN Headline News reporter/anchor following the debate as focus group members register their reactions live on Headline News. For the ladies out there, CNN stud Anderson Cooper will host which is certainly an upgrade from Wolf Blitzer.

Second, immediately following the debate, the leggy brunette Campbell Brown hosts a special political documentary called 'Broken Government'. Interested to see it air and how she looks with the baby due at the end of December. There's nothing sexier than a pregnant babe.


Anonymous said...

to bad she left NBC now she is in cable blah ,she is very hot too ,long sweet legs

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous face, sexy long legs and always clad in sheer nylons and high heels. Just incredibly HOT!!!!! Oh how I wish she was bi!
Joyce Marie

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the fantasy of her outfitted in a leather bondage outfit waiting for my whip to do its duty on that beautiful body.

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