Friday, November 30, 2007

Erin Burnett's Man Crush and Monkeys Comment

Over at, they're having a little debate about MSNBC's hottie, Erin Burnett, encouraging men to have a man crush on French President Nicolas Sarkozy and referring to both President Bush and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel as monkeys. While most commenters are bashing Erin on this one (which is fine because as a journalist that should never happen on air), I do agree with her on both the Sarkozy and Bush comments. If I were a woman, I would definitely have a crush on Sarkozy and well, Bush is not that far off from a monkey, have you seen his ears??

Here is the youtube video of the comment,


Anchor Man said...

And, the hottie that she is, Erin Burnett apologized today for her "monkey" comment directed at President Bush.

She's hot and contrite, Erin doesn't have to apologize for anything to get my attention...

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