Friday, December 7, 2007

Catfight at FOX, Courtney Friel Steals the Spotlight

There is a posting on TVNewser about a rumor that at least some of the ladies on FOX are getting all worked up over the increased airtime that the Barbie lookalike Courtney Friel has been getting lately. Definitely some "hot girl envy" going on at FOX. But I guess you have to expect that when you hire all the hottest news babes to read your news. Now, the picture that comes to my mind is the mildly hot Gretchen Carlson, pulling the hair of Courtney Friel, while Alisyn Camerota is jumping on top of both. There's nothing that drives men hornier than a catfight between hot babes. As explained on Seinfeld, it's the possibility in between all the scratching and clawing that something sexual might happen between the women. Oooohhh, aahhhhh, catfight!!

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thesaint said...

Roger Ailes and Fox news executives continue to reach down in the gutter where blonde wannabees and strive and hire them. the FNC obsession with blonde sex is obvious and is actually selling the cable station. Courtney Friel is not the first apparent airhead that Fox News has brandished to a news audi-ence. There is a list of teleprompter readers that are blond or fake that immortalizes the cable channel. Including Courtney, there are the Hennigans, McCallums, Hills, Quinns, and Carlsons. But, I do give credit to the others that do a service for Fox. The news should be news and not commentary. If I wanted to view another segment of the Stefford Wives, Fox news is a good alternative.

Anchor Man said...

It's all about the ratings my friend, all about the ratings...

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