Friday, February 12, 2010

A Hot Leggy Cheryl Casone in Red on FBN

From yesterday, this is FBN news babe Cheryl Casone looking hot in red just in time for Valentine's Day. Liz is all covered up. But I love how the guy that they're with is trying to sneak a peak up Cheryl's skirt. Anyways, enjoy the view, TGIF...

Cheryl can be my valentine anyday,

Screencaps courtesy of Sandman at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


StewartIII said...

Double C is double HOT!

Anonymous said...

Haha. That guy totally is trying to get a glimpse up Cheryl's skirt. But, can you really blame the guy??? I can just about bet that everyone who has clicked on that pic has fantasized about being in that guy's seat (ESPECIALLY Dickrockhard!) and gawking at Cheryl's sexy legs.

FOX Business Channel should start a rotation of female Anchors to host that same show so we can get a good look at some different legs each day. Need some variety. My rotation would have to be: Claman, Guilfoyle, Cupp, Friel, Casone, Banderas, Camerota, Diamond, Kelly and McCallum. Am I forgetting anybody???

Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Dude,

ROCKHARD ON! I like your idea for rotating anchor babes in Cheryl's chair ... but then I'd miss my daily dose of Cheryl. How about FOX start a new show, FOX & LEGS (instead of Fox & Friends!).

I've been skiing for a few weeks and just got back, so it was great to see this excellent post of my girl Cheryl. Great post Anchorman!

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