Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Hot Dana Perino on the Daily Show

On the Comedy Channel's Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other day, White House hottie Dana Perino looking seductively hot with the bosom teaser. I remember the first day she took over and I was thinking, damn at least George got something right this time. It's gotta be tough defending that idiot though, I bet she can't wait to leave and get a nice cushy TV job.

Jon, go easy on her buddy,

Screencaps courtesy of axionnewz at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Fuck her!!! And I don't mean in a good way. She's nothing but a lie spouting mouthpiece for that asshole still in the Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

Anchor Man is a bonafide traitor/idiot for taking a cheapshot at GW Bush while he's immaturely lusting for his press secretary in Dana Perino. Anchor Man is so brain-damaged that he doesn't realize that the only reason he's still alive to ungratefully demean GW Bush is because Bush has taken the fight to the terrorists and prevented so many attacks on the homeland. What a traitor/ingrate Anchor Man is.

Now about Perino. I'm shocked Anchor Man would express such base, animalistic lust for one, Dana Perino, a gal who has been married for some years! Is Anchor Man, besides being a liberal traitor, also a lecher who wants to break up Dana's marriage by lusting after her so publicly?! Ms. Dana is a lovely, graceful young woman who has proven herself well in all the years she effectively defended GW Bush's policies in the face of a psychotically hostile WH press corps. Ms. Dana is a Republican; as such, she embodies values of grace and true beauty in a lady, something that a lowlife lecher like Anchor Man can't appreciate and something that the liberal media-whores (read: every woman who works at MSNBC and CNN) will never amount to.

TheBronze said...

You think Bush was an idiot? Wait til you see the next four years...

O'Bama isn't going to be the Messiah you Lefties think he'll be.

Anonymous said...

The Bronze.... they keep you from being proud. And apparently Bush has had the same effect on a fair fraction of our citizens. Wake up, morons. All the stuff the newsies and Dems have attacked Bush for over the years are exactly the policies your Beloved Barry is going to continue. The GWOT, Iraq, Afghanistan, rendition, Gitmo, Swift... on and on and on. Why? Because even Barry, affirmative action baby that he is, is not QUITE stupid enough to try to govern in the manner he told you pukes he would to get the nomination. Bait. Switch. Pay more attention next time.

Anonymous said...

She's not only hot, but she was a great Press Secretary. Thanks to her and Pres Bush for their service. Best of luck to them both.

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