Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meredith Viera Interviews Fashion Hottie Stacy London

From the Today Show on NBC yesterday, fashionista extraordinaire Stacy London of the show "What Not to Wear" looking conservatively sexy along with Meredith Viera. Maybe she was there on a secret mission to show Amy Robach what not to wear. Doh!

Stacy's network TV look,

Screencaps courtesy of SceptreX42 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Meredith has to wear Depends

Anonymous said...

I still want to fuck her.

Anonymous said...

I want both of these women at the same time, starting with them walking on my face barefoot. I'm guessing Meredith's feet are pretty and shapely, and she loves having her toes sucked, but Stacy's feet really smell and taste great and she gets off grinding the balls of her feet in your mouth and nose.

After that it's Meredith on my hips and Stacy on my face. Meredith's lean and muscular, and her pussy has a great smell the way slightly older gals do, but Stacy's ass and bouncy tits are totally creamy-white and delicious, and her cunt is a little fishy but so wet and hot I'm practically choking on it. So we switch off and I come eating out Meredith's dusky vaginal flavors and shooting Stacy's hairy cunt so full of spooge she is sqooshing it between her toes all next day!

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