Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old Heidi Collins vs. New Heidi Collins

Over at the TV Heads forum, they're having a discussion on the evolution or I guess you could say de-evolution of Heidi Collins of CNN. Some say, she's still as hot as before, while other say that she has declined. I remember when she first arrived at CNN, I used to think she was extremely hot, but now, not so much. You be the judge,

Old Heidi (2004 I'm guessing),

New Heidi (last month or so I believe),

Screencaps courtesy of the TV Heads forum.


trigger said...

I think Heidi has been to hell in a handbasket with her health. She was quite ill in April and May with complications from her celiac disease.

Anchor Man said...

yes, what's more tragic is that her son has the same disease.

Trigger said...

At least her son, Riley, was diagnosed early. A lot of Heidi's problems came from not knowing she had celiac for several years. There is a cute photo of Heidi and Riley on the Celiac Central website taken at the Gluten-Free Cookoff held last year in New York City.

Jake said...

I heard she has a second son who is older..anybody know who the father is?? Also heard the other day that her and Rob the weather guy are knockin boots after hours.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Collins now looks hotter. Check her out at
You then decide.
Hot News Anchor Women is almost as hot at this site.

Anonymous said...

I think she is way hotter now. No contest.

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