Saturday, March 15, 2008

All-Access with Robin Meade

Some hot pictures of the drop dead gorgeous Robin Meade in her all-access with Robin segment. I'd like an all-access pass to the you know you what with Robin.

I bet she gets all the head-turners when she's driving around with the top down,

Screencaps courtesy of fitz207 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Robin is definitly the horniest lady on the news today, she knows it and she likes to tease it for all the men who have a clue about these sorts of things. It is a plus since, sex plus news equals ratings. If those pansies at cnn would let her up the sex appeal than they would beat fox in the ratings. I have dated a woman or two like Robin therefore, I know Robin loves to suck c@#* hard and I know that she gives up that @$$hole when a man she is with wants it. The best thing is that this woman is probably a sexoholic and is therefore living a great personal life. Well, only if her husband is a real man. To bad she is now married. I have seen her podcast video thing and when she is not on cnn than she dresses sexier and let's those boobs hang out. CNN needs to get there heads out of there butts and let her dress sexier. The only reason I watch cnn is for her huge breasts and her horny-cute personality that is expressed subtly in her eyes and mannerisms.

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine majority watch CNN for the news, but to each their own.

Going around with her top down would certainly turn heads... Especially if she was walking.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have all-access with
Robin. She keeps getting hotter
by the day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every one. I like to watch the news to find out about current events. All the news channels are giving out the same information so, the news anchor babe showing cleavage and leg is what makes me decide which network to watch. I go to cnn every now and then but, then I get frustrated because they don't allow Robin to dress sexier so, I switch to fox. I am not looking for that cheesy nude news. I am actually looking for classy and sexy. CNN needs to wake up to the year 2008. Having Robin dress sexier will attract more men to watch and it will get more women to watch a sexy woman that they can pretend they are.

G-Man said...

That third pic of Robin is how I like her the best: hair down and straightened, but not perfectly straight, lips puckered, and that sweet cleavage! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Robin is definitely a HOT piece of ass! Love the oiled up legs, ahh makes me horny. Would nail her as hard as I could all night long baby!

GarageRock said...

FINALLY some cleavage! Plus her boobs are bigger than I thought...

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