Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watching Liz Claman's Wickedly Hot Curves on FBN

It's been a while, a long while since I've seen FBN news babe Liz Claman look as hot as she does here from yesterday on the Closing Bell. That dress seems almost painted on, the guy sitting next to her seems extremely distracted by Liz's hot legs, and how could you not admire that fantastic profile view.

Liz is a redheaded Goddess,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Balrock said...

In image two I wonder what the guest is looking at the paper on the couch, Liz's legs or Liz's boobs. I would bet its not the paper on the couch.

blksabre said...

She finely stacked.

HM said...

Liz is quite a sexy package

BigD said...

Liz's body is simply an engineering marvel. I love the red hair. I am going to guess if the "structural support" is removed there would be absolutely no sagging at all.

Dude said...


Dude said...

BigD, what size do you think those balloons are?

Dude said...

I am so jealous of who ever has a desk next to Liz at work. If I was that person I would be so distracted. I would just sit at my desk and stare at that incredible bust line. Just look at the first pic and envision being able to see that huge side bust profile each day at work. Wow! What an awesome image to engrave in my mind.

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