Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Hot Soledad O'Brien at the Emmy Awards

From the Emmy Awards earlier in the week, these are some HQs of CNN news babe Soledad O'Brien on the red carpet. The dress is kinda OK, could've been slightly hotter if it was shorter. Not sure if she won anything that night either...

Who wouldn't like Soledad,

Picture courtesy of SceptreX42 at the SuperiorPics forum.


BigD said...

Who wouldn't like Soledad?

Me. Just don't think she's "hot" like everyone else here is "hot".

inflatedmonkey07 said...

I agree with BigD..not every news anchor and weather girl can be "hot"...gotta draw the line somwhere

Mr. MacGregor said...

Anchorman lost his mind a long time ago when it comes to calling girls hot.

Example A:

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