Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mika Brzezinksi is a Hot Fill in on The View

Filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is on mat leave, this is MSNBC news babe Mika Brzezinski. Very hot in a freudian kind of way for sure. Never really thought of Mika as being so busty, but damn she's got a nice set. Apparently she is being considered for the open spot on Good Morning America once Diane moves up.

Let you imagination run wild,

Screencaps courtesy of easyone the Wide World of Women forum.


Jason said...

Hey Buddy,

She is not a hot fill!!! She is not even close.

Mr. MacGregor said...

Holy shit, when is Liz NOT preggers? What is this, her 14th kid?

Anonymous said...

She is SO a hot fill in!! LOVED it all the way....

BTW: to the MIKA haters out there: SHOVE IT FLAT UP UR ASSES!! you aint got nothin' 2 prove but ur own embarrasment.

Dude said...


Dude said...

Look at her incredible rack and small waist. Hot for sure. Nice post Anchorman.

Jason said...

If you think this woman is hot then you have no idea what hot is. I am serious.

The View should have Lilia Luciano as a guest host. This woman is hot. She is young, nice legs, nice ass, nice face and nice boobs. This woman will blow away Mika.

Mika Brzezinksi looks old. She looks like a chicken. She has chicken legs. There is no muscle on them. I like how she puts that food in her mouth. That I like!!!!

Anonymous said...

you know what, Jason, Go FUCK urself.
In case your sight is going (and i can tell it is) HER LEGS ARE FUCKING RIPPED TO HELL!! and plus she's 42, which is a fantastic age to be toned.

And while i respect ur opinion,(and i sincerely appologize for that short circuit expletive, but it had to be said cuz of alot of negative buzz she's been getting on some sites) i sincerely believe that she's a very attractive anchor and she's got the smarts to say that she's not stupid. Mika's worked her ass off to gain momentium in her career
from her days @ CBS to where she is now, she's come a long way. All im saying is...HOW CAN SHE LOOK LIKE THAT AND NOT BE ATTRACTIVE??

Nuff said...

misterright1313 said...

Jason you are so correct! It has been killing me, I can't understand how hot and Mika belong in the same sentence. She looks like her father, have you seen him on Morning Joe? LOL, her legs are so skinny her knee looks like a skeleton. Her face? OMG hideous at best. As for Butterflygrl22, why would a woman comment on another womans look and with so much passion. Whether you know it or not this site is called anchorbabes, that title alone should attract MEN OR A CERTAIN TYPE OF WOMAN. GO FIND AN ANCHORMAN SITE. MIKA IS HIDEOUS SO OVERRATED. It's just my opinion though.

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