Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Hot Today Show Weekend with Norah O'Donnell

From the Today Show on the weekend, this is MSNBC news babe Norah O'Donnell co-hosting. She's got such a sweet body, all that working out definitely paying off. Bonus add with a hot Amy Robach in the second picture. I don't know about y'all, but I'm diggin' the new NBC scroller graphics, we get to see more of the news babes.

Norah's bangin' bode,

Screencaps courtesy of CG at the NYC News Women blog.


Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Anchorman .... do you think you could go a whole week without the word HOT or any word that contains the word HOT (such as HOTTIE) in the title of your posts?? On the rare occasion that someone you say is HOT, really IS hot, nobody will notice because you cry wolf so many times with your use of the word HOT. Just a suggestion in the form of a challenge. Can you do it? I say NO WAY.

HM said...

Let's have more of Amy and Norah together! Shorter skirts would be wonderful.

Dark The Man Duke said...

I agree with Dick Rockhard about the "hot" thing. Anchorman, you pretty much ruined your credibility ever since declaring that German news anchor "hot".

Jason said...

She is attractive but not hot.

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