Monday, September 14, 2009

Lynn Berry is a Hot News Babe on NBC in NYC

From over the weekend on NBC 4 in NYC, this is hot brunette news babe Lynn Berry in a nice sit down interview segment. I don't receive NY channels myself, but this is the first time I've seen Lynn's hot legs before. It would've even hotter if she took off that bulky blazer top.

Leggy Lynn,

Screencaps courtesy of SlashAsterisk at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Prime said...

So good to see Lynn Berry again at long last! I adore her all the way back to NBC Philadelphia where I last watch back in December 2008 where they've gone to HD.

You've had no idea how much have I missed her since of my move to North Carolina. It kills me that I miss most information between Philadelphia and New York news.

Thanks for bringing that up, anchorman. I miss her beautiful smile. It brighten my day more than ever now.

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