Sunday, October 18, 2009

ESPN's Trio of Hotness with Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown, and Wendy Nix

ESPN was a rockin' on College Football, Baseball Playoff Super Saturday bonanza, bringin' out the heavy hitting sports reporter babes, Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown, and Wendy Nix. I'm diggin' the glasses look for Erin, good to see Jenn on the big time, and Wendy is always bangin' in the tight white skirt.

Erin, Jenn, and Wendy are a dream matchup,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 the Wide World of Women forum.


Dude said...

Jenn Brown is bangin. She is a former college softball player that may not have a lot of curves, but she does have a very pretty face and a VERY tight athletic body.

But, Erin Andrews is still my favorite. Unreal all natural rack, tight booty and innocent pretty face. Love the glasses on her. Kind of gives Erin a sophisticated yet sexy look.

As for Wendy Nix, she has always kind of flown under the radar at ESPN b/c they always stick her behind the desk when she is on TV. And when she is on TV she RARELY wears revealing tops. But, this segment with Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy was money. I love the tight white skirt. Just wish the skirt would have been a little bit shorter. You know Bradford and McCoy must have been distracted.

Dude said...

Here is Jenn Brown's own website. Some great pics on there.

Dude said...

For those of you wondering what Bradford and McCoy were looking at from behind Ms. Nix, check out the second pic in the link below. Can only imagine what her junk in the trunk looked like in that tight white skirt.

Dude said...

If I had to rank these 3 girls I would go with:

3. Jenn Brown

2. Wendi Nix

1. Erin Andrews

While many of you would rank Brown higher then Nix, I think Nix would be more fun. She looks like she is more of a freak and she is more experienced. Love her thick legs and ghetto booty. Brown looks like she would kind of be a prude.

Your thoughts?

misterright1313 said...

Yes what do you mean by ghetto booty? Why not bubble butt? Or curvey butt? There are some big wide asses in trailer parks you know? Oh and there are flat asses in the ghetto too? My list would have to be 1 Wendy Nix. 2 Jenn Brown. 3 Erin Andrews there is no mystery anymore we have seen you through the peephole already.

sharvey62 said...

Bradford has a cig in his hand!

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