Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Very Hot Mika Brzezinski on Women's Nation

It hasn't been but a few days since the last Mika Brzezinski post, but she's too irresistible here to not post. From some special segment called "Women's Nation" a very hot Mika being interviewed by Hoda Kotb. I love the NBC logo in the background, that's inconspicuous, not...

Leggy duo Mika and Hoda,

Screencaps courtesy of mazzic04 the Wide World of Women forum.


Dude said...

Never really have found her all that attractive. However, she seems to be very intelligent.

Dude said...

Never been much of a Hoda fan, but her legs actually look pretty nice here.

Dude said...

Dick Rockhard, do you have a Top 5 News Babes for NBC News/MSNBC News? Be curious to see who you list.

Anonymous said...

Your so right about Mika being too irresistable not to post. I saw this interview that she and Hoda did and i gotta say, i wasnt sure which one i liked more--Mika or Hoda lol but they make for a great pair when you put them together in a room.

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