Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Hot Leggy Susan Filan on the Today Show

From earlier in the week, a leggy Susan Filan, NBC's legal analyst, on the Today Show talking about the David Letterman extortion case. For her age, Susan's looking pretty damn good I'd have to say. She reminds me of the actress Jami Gertz.

Susan dishes out the goods,

Screencaps courtesy of hammerhead the Wide World of Women forum.


BigD said...

If you're based in the U.S. and English is NOT a second language for you, you can surely understand the overuse of the word "hot" on nearly every single friggin' post title.
And ALL women are "leggy" unless of course they are amputees.
Thanks for the effort but I'm moving on to tvperv for caps and videos.
Good luck to everyone here.

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