Friday, October 9, 2009

Margaret Brennan With a Hot Leg Show on Bloomberg

It's been a little while since I posted on Bloomberg news babe Margaret Brennan. Ever since her hot debut a while back. Here she is giving us quite a hot leg show, love the slick dress as well, very hot. Her face looks a lot different than when she was on CNBC. Anyways, enjoy...

Maggie loves the camera,

Screencaps courtesy of lateapex the Wide World of Women forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Margaret is FANTASTIC. I try not to miss her on Bloomberg (10 AM until Noon Eastern Time). The other day she had a skin tight red top on that really showed off her nice breasts. Bloomberg is finally learning how to attract viewers. CNBC were fools to let Maggie B slip away. By the way for some more hot leg and breast viewing, switch to Fox Business at Noon and check out Cheryl Casone who give viewers a GREAT leg show every day.

Jason said...

I totally agree!!!

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