Friday, October 16, 2009

Ivanka Trump is a Hot Guest on Regis and Kelly

From yesterday on the Regis and Kelly show, a scintillating Ivanka Trump in a hot slit dress that goes up up up. I included the last clip showing Ivanka trying to cover up but, too late. I like Regis' reaction, he's look, oh no, don't do that. Also love the bare shoulder showing, she's incredible really. Bonus add with Kelly Ripa, although she is wearing pants.

Ivanka is such a hot tease,

Screencaps courtesy of goodpics2k3 the Wide World of Women forum.


Dude said...

The third pic is kind of funny. If you look closely it appears that Regis is using the book in his left hand to cover up his......... I don't blame him. Ivanka looks unbelievably hot in that outfit.

Dude said...

Dick Rockhard, interesting Top 10. I actually like your selection. Although I would reorder them to look like this:

10. Cheryl Casone - kind of old, but nice body.

9. Sandra Smith - gorgeous face, and eye. Also sexy legs. But, dresses WAY too conervative.

8. Jenna Lee - similar to Sandra Smith in that she is gorgeous, but has no curves and dresses too conservative.

7. Alisyn Camerota - use to look good, but has aged quickly. She gets bonus points with me because she wears extremely short skirts that show off her sexy legs. But, her face is average at best.

6. Rebecca Diamond - average looking face, that is aided by applying makeup done by professionals each day. But, she does have an incredible all natural rack and is not afraid to show them off in low cut tops that show off deep cleavage.

5. Jamie Colby - very pretty face, but her body is a little thick. However, she scores tons of points with me because she loves to wear CFM heels and hooker leather boots during the winter. Which, makes me believe she would be tons of FUN if you know what I mean.

4. Patti Ann Browne - was not really sold on her UNTIL I saw her on Red Eye about 3 months ago when she wore a bra-less low cut top showing off her erect nips. Would have received a higher ranking, but her face is average.

3. Julie Banderas - hot and spicy Colombian who loves to show off her long sexy leg in very very short skirts.

2. Liz Claman - most voluptuous body in cable news. How can you say no to those tight fitting sweaters and low cut tops that hug those all natural 36D melons.

1. Shannon Bream - Dick Rockhard, I must give you credit. You opened up my eyes to to this blonde hottie. I did some research on the website and I ran across some pics where she looks HOT! Nice thick legs and an above average rack with that gorgeous face. She is definitely deserving of a number 1 ranking.

Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Duke,

I'm good with your latest order of FOX Top 10. Yes, I've been a Shannon Bream fan since the first day I saw her on FOX. She filled in 2 nights for Greta this past week ... nice to see her getting some PRIME TIME on-air time. FYI, she's an attorney. Smart as well as beautiful!

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