Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nicole Petallides and Short Skirts on FOX and Friends

From FOX and Friends over the weekend, FBN news babe Nicole Petallides looking as hot as ever seen her in an incredibly short skirt, simply amazing. I think the guy is trying to figure out if he can see all the way up her skirt. Bonus add with Alisyn Camerota in the second picture.

Nicole was delish,

Screencaps courtesy of cody the Wide World of Women forum.


BuzzinVT said...

Nicole is so nice. I wish she kept the blonde hair though. The dark hair accentuates her big honker of a nose.

misterright1313 said...

Sounds like you are little too picky, as if in real life if you had a chance with a woman like that you wouldn't be all over her? Her legs are lovely beautiful thighs, yummy.

shadow said...

HD video link:

Thigh High said...

Behold the powers of the "curvy couch".
The smart and savvy Fox babes are keenly aware that a guest shot on F&F is a prime opportunity to show off their gams.
Carpe Diem ladies.

Diepgang said...

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Dark The Man Duke said...

Nicole is awesome. Just look at dem legs, Yowza! She can even turn gay men like Steve Douchey and that other gay guy Brian straight. More Nicole please!

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