Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maria Menounos and Nancy O'Dell are Hot Guests on WWE Raw

From WWE Monday Night Raw a few nights ago, variety show babes Maria Menounos and Nancy O'Dell get down and dirty for a little smackdown. Definitely have to say that Nancy is looking damn fine, Maria as well in a nice bending over shot. Enjoy...

Maria and Nancy are a hot duo,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Hi-Def News Caps blog.


Dude said...

Damn! Would love to see Nancy and Maria in a cat fight. Nancy looks amazing in that short white skirt. Based on the 2nd pic I think we all now know Maria's favorite position. Great post Anchorman. Keep up the good work

Top 10 Fox News and Fox Business Babes

10. Jenna Lee – Best Attribute: Hard Body and Beautiful Face 

-probably the most gorgeous girl next to Courtney Friel at Fox, but dresses way too conservative 

9. Sandra Smith – Best Attribute: Sexy Eyes

-dresses very conservative, which is why she did not receive a higher ranking

8. Tracy Byrnes – Best Attribute: Fake Chest

-one of the most underrated at Fox Business 

-she rarely wears low cut tops that show off her fake chest cleavage, however she does often times wear shirts and sweaters that are VERY tight fitting around her fake chest

-she also enjoys teasing her viewers by wearing micro-mini skirts that show off her toned tan legs

7. Rebecca Diamond/Gomez – Best Attribute: Deep Cleavage 

-big chested Latina that is not afraid to show off her all natural 36D melons in low cut dresses

-she loves to wear go-go boots with shorts skirts showing off her dark Latina legs

-Most memorable moment:

6. Patti Ann Browne – Best Attribute: Huge All Natural Rack 

-unlike Liz Claman, PAB enjoys teasing her viewers and guests by showing off her massive cleavage in very revealing low cut tops

-rarely does PAB opt to show off her puppies in a tight fitting sweater or top

-has made multiple appearances on Red Eye where she flaunts her massive 36D chest, including her most memorable moment below where she wore a sleeveless low cut top w/o a bra that accentuated her hard nips

-Most memorable moment: ann-browne-on.html

-What separates Liz Claman from PAB is that Claman has overall a more sexy body and face

Dude said...

5. Jamie Colby – Best Attribute: Full, Thick Lips

-distracts her viewers and guests by showing off her full thick glossy lips

-often will wear short skirt with leather CFM boots to tease her viewers

-also, has nice and thick juicy legs

-Most Memorable Moment:

4. Courtney Friel – Best Attribute: Flexible + Tightest Abs + Her Gorgeous Smile

-teases her viewers by wearing sinfully short skirts showing off her tan shiny legs

-accentuates her soft lips by wearing hot pink lipstick

-enjoys teasing viewers by wearing tight spandex pants while showing off how flexible she is during Ab News

-would have received a higher ranking, but she rarely wears tight fitting tops

3. Julie Banderas – Best Attribute: Sexiest Legs

-Another hot Latina – half Colombian

-Long, toned tan sexy legs

-enjoys teasing her co-host Greg Jarret and the viewers by wearing incredibly short, short skirts while facing the camera w/o a desk in front of her
-gorgeous smile

-hot bubble butt

2. Kimberly Guilfoyle – Best Attribute: Thickest Lips (she joked at a fundraising dinner that her husband would never leave her b/c she gives the best BJ’s) – google it!!

-half Puerto Rican so you know she can grind her hips and shake her phat Latina booty

-full, thick spicy Latina lips and gorgeous smile

-seductive dark brown eyes

-wears tight skirts that show off her thick Latina hourglass figure

-wears tight, low cut fitting sweaters that hug her 34B rack that show off a hint of cleavage

Why deserving of the #2 ranking? Her playful confidence in her oral skills + her thick, glossy Puerto Rican lips + exotic eyes

1. Liz Claman – Best Attribute: Voluptuous Body
Why deserving of the #1 ranking? See bullet points below

-enjoys teasing her guests and viewers by wearing tight fitting sweaters and business suits that that accentuate her all natural 36D bust

-spends the majority of her show at an angle that accentuates her busty side profile

-occasionally wears a low cut top that shows off her deep valley of soft 36D cleavage

-wears short skirts that show off her long slender legs and curvaceous soft backside

-during the winter wears black leather CFM boots and heels with her short skirts

-Most Memorable Moment:

-Lastly, she is 45 years old and VERY EXPERIENCED if you KNOW what I mean

Anyone agree? Disagree?

Dude said...

Its too bad we did not get to see Nancy on all fours wearing that short white skirt. That would have been good for TV ratings.

Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Dude,

Where the hell are SHANNON BREAM and CHERYL CASONE on your Fox List??? Shannon has THE most beautiful face and breasts on television and Cheryl gives us a Noontime leg/breast show every day.

Guilfoyle, Byrnes & Friel would not even make my top Fox 25. By the way, Friel is MIA, heard she is being paid thru the end of her contract but is off the air. Can't confirm that, but that is what is being said in various blogs including Inside Cable News.

Even though Jenna is flat as a board, she is HOTTTT. I'd put her in the top 5.

Dude said...

Dick Rockhard,

Funny you mention Bream. I totally forgot to include her in my Top 10. She is a total fox. Gorgeous face and unbelievable body. Casone on the other hand does not do it for me for some reason.

How can you not like Kimberly?

How can you also not like Tracy?

What is your Fox News and Fox Business Channel Top 10?

Dick Rockhard said...

Here's my FOX Top 10 ....

10. Rebecca Diamond
9. Jamie Colby
8. Cheryl Casone
7. Patti Ann Browne
6. Sandra Smith
5. Alisyn Cammarota
4. Liz Claman
3. Jenna Lee
2. Julie Bandaras
1. Shannon Bream

Dude said...

Dick Rockhard, interesting Top 10. I actually like your selection. Although I would reorder them to look like this:

10. Cheryl Casone - kind of old, but nice body.

9. Sandra Smith - gorgeous face, and eye. Also sexy legs. But, dresses WAY too conervative.

8. Jenna Lee - similar to Sandra Smith in that she is gorgeous, but has no curves and dresses too conservative.

7. Alisyn Camerota - use to look good, but has aged quickly. She gets bonus points with me because she wears extremely short skirts that show off her sexy legs. But, her face is average at best.

6. Rebecca Diamond - average looking face, that is aided by applying makeup done by professionals each day. But, she does have an incredible all natural rack and is not afraid to show them off in low cut tops that show off deep cleavage.

5. Jamie Colby - very pretty face, but her body is a little thick. However, she scores tons of points with me because she loves to wear CFM heels and hooker leather boots during the winter. Which, makes me believe she would be tons of FUN if you know what I mean.

4. Patti Ann Browne - was not really sold on her UNTIL I saw her on Red Eye about 3 months ago when she wore a bra-less low cut top showing off her erect nips. Would have received a higher ranking, but her face is average.

3. Julie Banderas - hot and spicy Colombian who loves to show off her long sexy leg in very very short skirts.

2. Liz Claman - most voluptuous body in cable news. How can you say no to those tight fitting sweaters and low cut tops that hug those all natural 36D melons.

1. Shannon Bream - Dick Rockhard, I must give you credit. You opened up my eyes to to this blonde hottie. I did some research on the website and I ran across some pics where she looks HOT! Nice thick legs and an above average rack with that gorgeous face. She is definitely deserving of a number 1 ranking.

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