Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jenna Lee is a Hot Fill in on America's Newsroom

As always, I save the hottest for last. This is the always ravishing Jenna Lee of FBN filling in on America's Newsroom on the main FOX News network. I'd bet the farm that in 5 years, Jenna Lee is the lead morning anchor for a major news network. Her potential is unlimited.

Million dollar smile,

Screencaps courtesy of tdubya68801 the Wide World of Women forum.


Dude said...

Jenna continues to wow viewers with her sexy smile and amazing body. She's got a charm, beauty and sex appeal unlike many other news anchorwomen these days, as she dresses in short, tight skirts to show off her thighs and legs.

However, I wish she would wear more tight or low cut tops to accentuate her petite firm chest!

Dick Rockhard said...

Anchorman, you are spot on with your prediction for Jenna ... unless FOX gives her a higher profile on FOX NEWS (not on FBN). I suggest they get rid of Gretchen and move JENNA onto the Curvy Couch Monday thru Friday. With her personality, she would be a natural for that spot. Nice post, there can never be too many posts featuring the delightful Jenna!

Dick Rockhard said...

Hey Dude ... you got your wish, Jenna on America's newsroom Friday from 9 to 11 AM was wearing a lower than normal "V" top. Looked great as always. LOVE, LOVE that America's newsroom set does NOT use a deck. Lots of leggage on display everyday.

misterright1313 said...

Please stop with this Jenna Lee! Really what do people see in her? Megyn Kelly, Courtney Friel, Ainsly Earhardt all knockouts compared to her. Extremely overrated and everyone seems to be drinking the kool-aid. Pathetic!

Wei said...

Right on!

gouguet45 said...

Nice face especially when she wears that bright red lipstick, her way of telling the men she knows what they want.

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