Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Hot Heather Tesch on The Weather Channel

Last week, some of y'all were requesting more Heather Tesch from the Weather Channel so here she is. Definitely one of my faves, she's probably right up there with Nicole, though I'd say Nicole has a hotter body, but Heather has the prettier face. Anyways, enjoy the weekend y'all.

Heather makes me wanna...

Screencaps courtesy of housefloor581 the Wide World of Women forum.


rootvg said...

Good Lord, Heather...where have you been all my life?

Unknown said...

Heather's body is smoking hot. She is very "healthy" up top, a wonderful backside, and a little meat on her bones. If she wore outfits like Nicole, you'd realize she has the better figure too.

But Heather's greatest strength is her face, I think we would all agree on that. She is so beautiful it's almost intoxicating. You can't stop staring at her when she is on. The weather goddess!

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