Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Hot Melissa Lee on CNBC's Fast Lunch

CNBC trying to pry the mantle back from Bloomberg as the hottest financial channel. From yesterday, this is CNBC Melissa Lee showing us some rare leggage. She's looking a little hotter these days, it could be the darker eye shadow. She seems very petit to me, like a lot of asian babes, she seems to be around 5 foot or so.

Sweet Sweet Melissa,

Screencap courtesy of Sandman at the TvNewsCaps forum.


Thechairman said...

She's alright, but she can't compare to Fu and Liu from Bloomberg. Melissa's got those lips though, depending on how you view them, they are either really hot or look like fish lips.

Ninja said...

^^Agreed. Fu and Liu are a Hot and spicy duo. Both have sexier legs as well.

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