Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Hot Leggy Kathie Lee Gifford Hosting the Today Show

From a couple of days ago, this is NBC news babe Kathie Lee Gifford and her co-host partner Hoda Kotb on the fourth hour of the Today Show. It seems like ages since my last KLG post, so hope y'all KLG fans enjoy them, love the keyhole top and short skirt, that's the KLG that we all love.

KLG is bangin' as always,

Picture courtesy of SceptreX42 at the SuperiorPics forum.


Dick Rockhard said...

Sorry anchorman ... there is NOTHING hot about KLG. 15 years ago, maybe - today, no way.

StewartIII said...

I would love to be inbetween Hoda & Kathie!

Unknown said...

r u serious? hoda and kathie look like men in drag. very nasty looking, in fact, its sick

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